From its foundation in 1967 until today, Private Metalsmith Firm"LUK" owned by Mr. Dragutin Djuric in Loznica has acquired high business reputation in the metal-working industry of Yugoslavia.

Presently, it is a company that became a realiable business partner basing its production on a modern technology in pace with Europe.

Buyers of the products of Loznica's "LUK" are mostly from shipbuilding industry, oil industry, thermal and hydro-power plants, gasification, district heating systems, machine-building industry and all other fields wherein there are piping systems.

It is a general conclusion that our products are everywhere where there is piping.

Using modern technological procedures (hot forming, cold forming, and all kinds of machining), we produce wide assortment of tube bends, "Hamburg" shortradius bends, reducers (concentric and eccentric), "T"-pieces, caps, pipes bent in various planes, pipe coils, expansion elements. We render services of machine finishing in manufacture of parts up to 4000 mm in diameter as per workshop drawings.


Product Quality

"LUK" products are subject to geometry, ultra-sonic, chemical, mechanical and metallographic control in the company itself. "LUK" issues an internal certificate on quality and certificates by the institution for inspection of steam boilers for products pertaining to its assortment range.

On October 6, 1999 the Federal Public Institution - Yugoslav Register of ships of National Navigation granted "LUK" the Certificate Of Recognition Of Manufacturer.



LUK Loznica

LUK Loznica


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